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Termite Control

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Don’t Let Termites Eat Your House!

Termites Control

Does termite problem worry you? If so, you are not alone. In the United States, every year termites cause billions of dollars in wood material and structural damage. Property owners spend nearly two billion dollars to treat those damages. However, the exact cost of damage around the globe cannot be determined. In the natural cycle, termites play an important part as decomposers of vegetative material and wood, but the conflict with humans happens when these bugs start invading human territories. Ornamental plants, structured material contain wood provide a reliable food source to termites.

These wood-eating insects like to remain concealed often result in their presence being unnoticed until wooden structures are badly damaged. Out of 3106 known species of termites, only 183 species cause damage. In North America, 18 subterranean species count as pests.

If the presence of termites left undisturbed, they can harm the foundation of the building and cause some grave damages. To control the termite population, the best way is to hire a reliable pest control company like Moxie Pest Control.

Myths about Termites!

Do Termites harm human health? My house is built with bricks on the concrete slap, is my house safe? Simply spraying on the ground outside the house can kill termites? There are lots of myths going around these wood-eating pests, but which one is true? Well, that is an arguable question but there is one ultimate truth that termite infestation issue can only be solved by professional termite control. Here, we are decoding some popular myths related to this pest and Termite Control:

Does Termite Harm Human Health– Termites are not known to spread the infection to humans. However, they can cause an asthma attack or other respiratory problems. Mainly, the irritants and dust from termite nests spread through heating or ventilation system.

My house is built with bricks on the concrete slap, is my house safe- Typically all building has a wooden frame. So, your house is not safe because it made of bricks on a concrete slab. No matter how the wooden frame is separated from the ground, termites will find the cracks or holes to access the wood.

Simply spraying on the ground outside the house can kill termites– These pests are a social animal and live in huge colonies. The only way to remove these pests from your property is killing the entire colony and most importantly eliminating the queen- sole breeder. To target the whole colony, you must have proper skills and equipment. However, hiring a professional Termite Control from a reliable company like Moxie Pest Control is the simplest way to handle the situation. 

Protecting your Property from Termites, Since 2001- Moxie Pest Control

Since 2001 Moxie Pest Control has been setting the high standard of quality service in the pest control industry. The business model of the company is very unique that let local service provider join the organization and open their own Moxie branches in their city across the country. Termite Control and Treatment is one of the most famous service that praised by customers.

Moxie mainly focuses on making its service great and creates a long-lasting bond with customers. The company has a wide base of satisfied customers in various cities including Dallas-Fort Worth, Denver, Phoenix, Chantilly, San Antonio, Stafford, Raleigh, St. George, Nashville, Oklahoma City, and Salt Lake City, as well as Riverside and Orange Counties in Southern California.

Services Offer By Moxie Pest Control

Moxie’s goal is to improve the quality of life of customers by eliminating harmful pests. The company provides a wide variety of services to match the unique need of the customers. High-quality treatment is available for these following mentioned pests:

CockroachesScorpionsMosquitoesAnd More!

Termite Control

Termites are one of the worst nightmares of property-owners because these pests are very hard to manage. Termites can damage the structural integrity of your home, thus you need to take strict against them. Even professional termite exterminators need to have a special license and proper skill to handle the situation. Moxie Pest Control offers one of the best Termite Control solutions in the industry.

Commercial Pest Control Service

Commercial properties differ from residential and require a different approach to handle the pest related situation. Thus, Moxie Pest Control offers customized services for businesses and commercial management. 

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