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Bugs Control

Many species of bugs are considered as pests, including flies, mosquitoes, termites, and other insects are more than just an annoyance. They can do damage to property, contaminate food supplies, and spread infections. If bugs’ presence left uncontrolled, they can create serious impacts on your health and property. According to World Health Organizations- Pests, include a range of bug’s species, are responsible for nearly 14% annual death rate worldwide. Insects like mosquitoes and houseflies carry a host of dangerous pathogens that can spread diseases like dengue, malaria, and cholera.

Bugs like termites and carpenter ants cause severe damage to unprotected buildings and wooden structures. Alone in the United States, termites cause damage worth one billion dollars. So, it’s important that property owners take care of pest infestation as soon as the issue arises.

However, these pesky bugs are very hard to remove without proper skills and equipment. The best way to remove these unwanted crawlers from your property is professional Bug Control. To get the only best result, make sure you select a good, reliable, and experienced pest control company like Moxie Pest Control.

Facts About Bugs!

To help you understand the seriousness of bug problems and why you should contact Bug Control service immediately, here we mentioned some facts about bugs:

Bugs are very hard to rid of- A cockroach without a head can survive up to one week. These insects only die from thirst without a mouth.

Bugs are very dangerous for Humans– According to WHO, mosquitoes kills around 1 million people each year.

Some species of bugs can live a long life– Ants can live up to 20 years.

Bugs increase their population very quickly– Some species of bugs like ants and termites don’t leave their nest but when the population starts increasing, they increase the size of their colony.

Expert Pest Control Solutions- Friendly Service: Moxie Pest Control

Since 2001, Moxie Pest Control has been raising the bar of service standards in the pest control industry. The company has unique business models that allow the local service provider to become part of the organization and open their own Moxie branches in their city across the country. Moxie has been praised by customers for its great Bug Control treatments.

With a key focus on expertise, service and creating a long-lasting bond with customers, Moxie Pest Control has an extensive base of satisfied customers in various cities including Denver, Dallas-Fort Worth, Phoenix, San Antonio, Chantilly, Raleigh, Stafford, St. George, Oklahoma City, Nashville, and Salt Lake City, as well as Riverside and Orange Counties in Southern California.

Services Offered by Moxie Pest Control

The goal of Moxie is to improve the life quality customers and communities by removing pests. The company offers a range of services to meet the unique requirements and needs of the customers. Bug Control Treatment available for these mentioned pests:

CockroachesScorpionsMosquitoesAnd More!

General Pest Package

A huge number of pests belong to bugs family, including termites, ants, and mosquitoes, which can invade your home and yard. The General Pest Package is a basic program of Moxie that handles more common invaders. But some pests like termites and cockroaches require extra Bug Control treatments to manage customers can combine the General Pest package with add-on Programs. Basically, Moxie Pest Control creates a custom plan for every customer to meet their requirements.

Targeted pests in General Pest Package:

AntsFleas and Ticks
CockroachesPill Bugs
SpidersAnd More!

Specialty Pest Add-Ons

The below mentioned are specialty pests and services are provided as add-ons to this package (available at selected locations only):

  • Bedbugs Treatment
  • Gophers
  • Exclusion For Rodents
  • Voles
  • Moles

Commercial Pest Control Service

Commercial owners have unique needs and commercial properties are very different from residential. Therefore, Moxie Pest Control has customized services for businesses of all sizes. With the quality and expertise of years, Moxie’s local partner will deliver a higher service standard of Pest and Bug Control.  

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When you select the right Bug Control solution as per your needs, contact our team to connect with the Moxie Pest Control directly. Our 24/7 toll-free helplines are always available to help our customers. You can connect with us through phone, email, or fill the form, our team will reach back to you as soon as possible. 

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